Hugo Boss Black | Spring Summer Style

At Henri Beene over the past few seasons we have had a good stable range of Hugo Boss Black accessories, cufflinks, wallets, gloves and scarves etc. We think now is the right time to unleash the Hugo Boss Black brand as a whole and stand next to the Hugo Boss Orange and Hugo Boss Green collection to create a trio of Hugo Boss clothing. The Hugo Boss Black collection holds a sense of sophistication and subtle fashion led design as oppose to maybe the Boss Green which this season is ideally bombarded with fresh vibrant colour and graphic design led tee shirts. The Hugo Boss Black range certainly holds a formal trend and allows a wearer to look at modern tailoring, clean cut polo shirts and offers a product for any occasion. Hugo Boss clothing is a brand of iconic status and each capsual collection focusses on different types of individual and alternative elements of fashion.

Take a look at our new Hugo Boss Black, Orange and Green collection and let us know what you think…. any comments or questions relating to our Hugo Boss Clothing collections are welcome!

Hugo Boss Black | Cannobio Sweatshirt £114.99

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